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Transforming customer service to grow patronage in a changing world

Travel patterns are in a state of flux
Travel patterns are in a state of flux
Changing work options - home, office, hybrid
Changing work options - home, office, hybrid
Modes of travel changing
Modes of travel changing
Rising customer expectations
Rising customer expectations

Rising expectations and changing patterns

In the current climate, bus operators need to deliver exceptional service in order to grow patronage. However, changes in travel patterns and a rise in customer expectations are making customer service more complex than it’s ever been before.

The ability to investigate and resolve customer issues effectively depends on bringing together reliable and up-to-date information on all aspects of the network.

There is also a growing need to capture and use customer feedback to inform decisions about network planning, and to share data on service delivery as part of the National Bus Strategy.

Bus passengers come from a wide range of demographic groups, so the industry must provide a range of different ways for customers to make contact with feedback and enquiries. Traditionally customer contact was by letter, phone call or in person, today there is a growing trend for customers to use email, website and social media platforms to send feedback. While electronic feedback is easier to log and reference in investigations, it can be complex and time-consuming to manage customer service across multiple channels.

Bus operators have a goldmine of data which they can use to investigate customer feedback, all captured in sophisticated, standalone systems.

However, the difficulty comes in combining data from multiple systems into an easily accessible platform. Without a central hub to pull everything together, customer feedback investigations can take a long time to complete, and the more time it takes, the more of a strain it puts on customer goodwill

The feedback from customers has a vital part to play in improving service delivery. If a particular route is attracting a lot of complaints, it’s not enough to simply deal with those incidents as isolated issues.

Operators need the ability to drill down and spot where trends are happening so they can address the root causes of poor service. There could be temporary issues such as roadworks on the route, or it might be something more fundamental – the timetable needs a complete overhaul, for instance. Operators need an effective way to turn their customer feedback into information which can be used not only to deal with complaints but to inform network planning.

The National Bus Strategy calls on operators to demonstrate improvements in customer satisfaction with good levels of local knowledge and up-to-date customer charters. Operators will increasingly be working with their local authorities to ensure they know and understand their communities well enough to provide a good bus service.

The information that LTAs have to provide in their bus service
improvement plans (BSIPs) include current values and future targets for journey time, reliability, passenger numbers and average satisfaction. As a result, it is becoming even more important for bus operators to be able to spot trends and patterns and gather the evidence to show the LTA they have developed thoughtful strategies for future improvements.

Transforming the customer service experience

A range of solutions with comprehensive integration with our customer service management platform, enhancing operational efficiency and enabling effective decision-making to ensure a seamless customer experience.

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Respond to incidents and improve services

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Customer Service

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Get operational insights to inform decision making

  • In the bus industry there is a lot of discussion about driver shortage, lost mileage, funding and the zero-emission future, but not nearly enough talk about the customer experience. Now is the time to take the opportunity to transform customer service delivery.
    Colin Napier
    Group Operations Director
  • The Customer Resolution Centre platform will revolutionise our customer service function by giving us the capability to access all the information we need in one place. Having the information easily accessible will enable us to efficiently investigate the root cause, resolve issues quickly, and analyse the data to enhance our customer service function.
    Ben Wakerley
    Managing Director

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