Small bus operator solutions

Empowering SME bus operators with streamlined processes, cost reduction and agility for sustained growth and competitiveness

Empowering efficient SME bus operations
Our flexible software delivers significant time and cost savings
Our flexible software delivers significant time and cost savings
Unlock efficiency with user-friendly tools aligned to your needs
Unlock efficiency with user-friendly tools aligned to your needs
Enjoy peace of mind with first-class customer support
Enjoy peace of mind with first-class customer support

Software maximising cost efficiency

Small and medium-sized bus operators face the need to adapt swiftly to an ever-evolving operational landscape. Embracing digital tools becomes imperative for enhancing efficiencies amidst challenges such as driver issues, escalating costs and adherence to data regulations. It’s crucial that the solutions you choose offer flexibility, ease of use and alignment with your unique operational methods.

Our software solutions cater precisely to meet your requirements. From building schedules to seamless data exchange, our robust technology empowers you to streamline operations effectively, reducing costs and risks. Moreover, it serves as a solid foundation for future growth by harnessing the data collected, enabling agile responses to market dynamics. This not only improves operational efficiency but also ensures sustained growth and competitiveness in the market.

Dependence on spreadsheets for constructing timetables and schedules can result in errors and consume additional time in managing operations. Moreover, spreadsheets lack the capability to efficiently test scenarios and conduct thorough analysis, hindering the understanding of the impact of each change on efficiencies.

Our flexible Scheduling Suite provides interactive planning and scheduling tools designed to optimise outcomes, ultimately saving you precious time and resources. With our suite, you can navigate complexities seamlessly, enhancing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • Build a timetable your way: Compile a timetable in multiple ways with minimal upfront configuration requirements.​
  • Short-working trip variations​: Plot the route for the longest trip and OmniTIMES and OmniMAP will calculate all the variants.​
  • Multiple route timetables:. Capability to handle multiple services and routes on one timetable, making it easy to plan and manage headways.​
  • Running board formats​: 60+ customisable and print-ready vehicle and driver running boards; no need to export for further editing.​
  • Print timetables from source​: Whether for public use or to create ‘working timetables’ for depot controllers, all exports are print-ready.​

Maintaining driver records manually is time-consuming and prone to errors, especially as the volume of files increases with the growth of your operation. Inaccurate record-keeping can potentially result in mistakes or even accidents.

Modernise how you record driving hours and driver details with OmniDAS, the complete depot allocation system for real-time driver and vehicle management. This solution not only optimises resource utilisation but also simplifies the end-of-day or end-of-week processes. Capture driver working hours accurately to generate records that seamlessly integrate with your payroll provider, customised to meet your specific requirements.

  • Complete resource visibility​: See available drivers and vehicles across all depots.​
  • Forward allocation​: Ensure safe and legal allocation of valuable resources.​
  • Driver coordination​: Empower drivers through improved communication with driver app, OmniENGAGE.​
  • Control on the day​: Informed real-time decision making that maintains service quality.​
  • Seamless data capture​: One source of truth with data flows to HR, payroll and operations.​
  • Service improvement​: Performance reporting and analysis to drive service improvement.​

Drivers increasingly prioritise sociable duties and seek a better work-life balance. However, without an efficient communication channel to accommodate varying shift patterns, both your drivers and controllers face unnecessary time drains, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

Our OmniENGAGE driver app addresses the needs of your business and the individual preferences of your drivers. With a user-friendly interface, it empowers your team to manage their work patterns remotely and independently, promoting better coordination and productivity.

  • Real-time access to records​: Drivers can request leave, arrange swaps and volunteer for overtime at a time that suits them.​
  • Driver morale and retention​: Drivers have increased involvement in work, fairness to overtime opportunities and feel connected to the business.​
  • Reduced business admin​: Allocators are freed up to deal with more pressing work issues such as compliance.​
  • Accuracy of information: Remove errors associated with drivers copying duty details from noticeboards.​
  • Communication efficiency​: Deliver notifications as plans change and control who receives them.​

Developing accurate timetable information displays for bus stops can be a time-consuming and error-prone task, especially when done manually. It may even feel like managing roadside publicity is a full-time job. With OmniSTOPdesign, you can effortlessly develop high-quality, branded displays that enhance the passenger experience and support the growth of your network.

  • One data source​: Ensure accuracy with timetable data taken directly from source.​
  • Flexible templates​: User-configurable templates provide complete control over displays.​
  • Bespoke displays​: Deliver information in the most appropriate style, size and format.​
  • In-built database​: Store case information for fast assignment of templates to stops.​
  • Streamlined output​: Complete service changes in minutes, not days or weeks.​

As the demand for electronic data submission to BODS or local transport authorities grows, ensuring compliance with TransXChange (TXC) file standards for your timetables becomes essential. Additionally, with the BODS team poised to take over the EBSR process, transitioning to digital registration via BODS may become necessary.

Understanding the time constraints you face, our OmniTIMES solution streamlines the process of building timetables and mapping data in the TXC file format. This allows you to focus on creating timetables and plotting route maps, while our Exporter modules handle the data structure and formatting required for TXC and BODS compliance, ensuring readiness for any future changes.

  • One source of truth​: Timetable and route data flows straight through from source.​
  • No expertise required​: Software builds TXC data structures and formatting for you.​
  • Built-in validation​: Data is validated by the Exporter to reduce risks of data rejection by downstream users.​
  • Richer data​: Our Exporter can include more than just the minimum data required to meet specification, so your data is richer and more informative to downstream users.​

Managing and resolving customer issues can be challenging due to fragmented communication channels, limited visibility into operational issues, and ineffective tracking and reporting of customer inquiries. This can result in delays in response times, inconsistency in issue resolution, and missed opportunities for improvement, ultimately impacting customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Customer Resolution Centre offers a streamlined solution for managing and addressing customer concerns efficiently. By consolidating inquiries from various sources into a single platform, it offers a holistic view of operations, enabling prompt and satisfactory resolutions. You can effortlessly track follow-ups, document activities and assess responses against Service Level Agreement standards. Moreover, the system captures valuable data, facilitating detailed network analysis and strategy formulation.

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  • Market leader in driving efficiency for
    passenger transport operators of all sizes
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    high customer satisfaction
  • Through the adoption of modern technology, Chalkwell Coaches has not only achieved heightened efficiency and accuracy but also empowered our workforce, positioning us for sustainable growth. Our operation has become significantly more efficient, allowing us to redirect our focus towards strategic decision-making rather than being taken up by manual processes. We are truly impressed by the transformative impact of Omnibus software solutions.
    Roland Eglinton
    Managing Director
  • Omnibus is a trusted partner, and we have every confidence that together our efficiency through streamlined work processes will deliver an optimised network and ultimately an improved customer experience.
    Vince Dalzell
    Operations Director
  • The modernisation of our processes is key to providing reliable bus services more efficiently, and we look forward to achieving this using solutions we know and trust. Omnibus has in-depth knowledge of passenger transport and proven experience in cloud-deployed solutions. We are confident Omnibus will enable us to continue streamlining business processes with solutions that support our growth plans.
    Morgan Stevens
    Operations Director
  • We wanted to make timetable publicity more efficient. It now takes 3 seconds to create one panel instead of 15 minutes. We wanted to spend less time answering enquiries by providing better information. We generate thousands of pounds a week more in online ticket sales by adding our app to displays. Passengers can also access real-time journey information... Read case study
    Chris Almond
    Commercial Officer (D&B Bus and Chaserider)
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