Timetable publicity

Timetabling software for producing bespoke stop and station information displays quickly and cost-effectively

Highly configurable timetabling software simplifying the creation of custom displays
One data source
One data source
Flexible templates
Flexible templates
Bespoke displays
Bespoke displays
In-built database
In-built database
Streamlined output
Streamlined output

Enhancing timetable publicity efficiency

Stops and stations are a shop window for your network but creating accurate timetable information displays is time intensive and complex. OmniSTOPdesign brings together the flexibility of desktop publishing and the data integrity of your timetabling software – be it part of our scheduling suite or a third-party system – by taking timetable data directly from source. This ensures complete accuracy with design and formatting fine-tuned to your exact requirements.

  • Automatic inclusion of timetable data directly from OmniTIMES or seamlessly import timetable information from third-party timetabling systems.
  • Transport authorities can easily import operator data for the creation of legible and impartial displays to a consistent standard.
  • Information is accurate and connected to your scheduling database.

An on screen image of timetabling software solution OmniSTOPdesign

  • Customise background colours and all text elements with preferred font and font size and enhance displays with graphics and marketing messages.
  • Insert automatically created schematic line-of-route maps and stop-specific QR codes for real-time data.
  • Flexibility to edit services at stop level, combine multiple services on one display, tailor times to individual stops, and show all trips or ‘then every x minutes’.

On screen image of timetabling software solution OmniSTOPdesign

  • Work in real time to assess and create different outcomes.
  • Option to use a range of timetable display formats including summary, frequency patterns and timebands.
  • Increase readability by tailoring services and individual times to show in different colours and include route branding throughout the display.
  • Supports networks that require bespoke designs for each stop usage level and different case types.
  • Store case information for quick and easy assignment of templates to appropriate stops, eliminating repetitive administrative tasks.
  • Create new templates by duplicating existing ones or review and update stored templates, reducing the amount of time and resources spent on publicity.
  • Designed to handle large data sets.
  • Seamlessly create PDF output in-house and without third-party software.
  • Batch create displays for specific stops or select those served by a particular service.
  • Paper sizes collated automatically to streamline the production process.
  • Generate stop and route detail reports to rapidly answer management questions.
OmniSTOPdesign timetabling software infographic
  • With OmniSTOPdesign we can create high quality roadside publicity in various styles, sizes and formats. The universal implementation of stop-specific QR codes at all bus stops has improved the customer experience and enabled passengers to more easily plan journeys. Read the news
    Tony Barker
    Network Development Officer
  • We wanted to make timetable publicity more efficient. It now takes 3 seconds to create one panel instead of 15 minutes. We wanted to spend less time answering enquiries by providing better information. We generate thousands of pounds a week more in online ticket sales by adding our app to displays. Passengers can also access real-time journey information... Read case study
    Chris Almond
    Commercial Officer (D&B Bus and Chaserider)
  • One of the aims of our BSIP that OmniSTOPdesign will support us with is to provide easier to understand at-stop information, which is timely, accessible, informative and user-friendly. To assist with journey planning, we will take advantage of the ability to easily generate QR codes for each stop.
    Kerry Ryan
    Strategic Transport Manager
  • OmniSTOPdesign makes creating bus stop displays easier, faster and much more flexible. The speed with which we can create display options is more efficient and saves a vast amount of time. We are now able to complete a full-service change in the same time it used to take to complete a single route. Read news
    Phil Bruford
    Infrastructure Manager
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