Customer Resolution Centre

Enhance passenger satisfaction through a positive customer service experience

Transforming the customer service experience
Complete view of customer interactions
Complete view of customer interactions
Accelerated customer service responses
Accelerated customer service responses
Visibility of operating environment
Visibility of operating environment
Multi-channel response management
Multi-channel response management
Case management capability
Case management capability
Network optimisation
Network optimisation

Efficiently manage customer service

Developed for the bus industry, the Customer Resolution Centre software platform provides an efficient solution for managing and resolving customer issues promptly by consolidating inquiries from various platforms into a central repository, and providing complete visibility of the operating environment, enabling the customer service team to respond quickly with quality outcomes.

This streamlined process enables you to track follow-ups, record activities, and review responses against Service Level Agreement measures. By capturing data during this process, you can analyse the network, develop improvement plans, and enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

The system automatically consolidates customer feedback from multiple sources (email, website, social media) across the operation into one central repository and enables direct communication with customers via their chosen method. This provides full visibility of all interactions with the customer and identifies any issues within the network quickly and easily.

Complete visibility within your network is crucial for your customer service team to effectively respond to customer inquiries. Integration with other systems allows internal and external information to be fed into the system, providing customer services with visibility into the reasons behind any issues that may have arisen. By incorporating information from various sources, such as our Bus Incident Reporting (BIRS) and Traffic, into the Customer Resolution Centre platform, your customer service team can efficiently address customer inquiries and resolve issues promptly. The integrations enhance the overall customer experience and ensure a seamless resolution process.

Customer services can efficiently log and investigate inquiries to gain deeper insights and address issues promptly within committed Service Level Agreements.

The Customer Resolution Centre streamlines the investigation process by enabling users to generate driver feedback forms and evidence requests for further examination of customer feedback. Additionally, users can automate workflows, attach documents to customer inquiries, and link customer records to enhance the investigation process and ensure timely resolution of customer issues.

Integrating with our Insights solution allows for in-depth and advanced analytics to analyse and improve your network. By leveraging this solution, develop improvement plans based on data-driven insights. This enables you to utilise data effectively to enhance communication between customer service teams and customers, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately grow patronage.

Leveraging data in this way can lead to more informed decision-making and strategic planning for network optimisation.

Our customer service platform is a key component of our integrated solution, automatically consolidating operational data from various sources into a central location.

Our advanced platform seamlessly integrates information from our solutions and third-party systems, empowering your teams to proactively manage the network and deliver a reliable and quality service. The interconnected systems includes:

This comprehensive integration enhances operational efficiency and enables effective decision-making to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Customer Resolution Centre infographic
  • In the bus industry there is a lot of discussion about driver shortage, lost mileage, funding and the zero-emission future, but not nearly enough talk about the customer experience. Now is the time to take the opportunity to transform customer service delivery.
    Colin Napier
    Group Operations Director
  • The Customer Resolution Centre platform will revolutionise our customer service function by giving us the capability to access all the information we need in one place. Having the information easily accessible will enable us to efficiently investigate the root cause, resolve issues quickly, and analyse the data to enhance our customer service function.
    Ben Wakerley
    Managing Director
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