Crew scheduling

Optimise driver duties for efficiency and compliance with the leading AI-powered automatic crew scheduling software

Drive crew scheduling savings and efficiency gains
Optimised crew duties
Optimised crew duties
Scenario modelling
Scenario modelling
Law and labour rules compliance
Law and labour rules compliance
Maximise operational management
Maximise operational management
Productivity increased
Productivity increased

Efficiently manage crew scheduling

Controlling costs is a key element of any successful business and with driver costs often representing in excess of 40% of the total operational cost, control of this is essential. Creating a crew duty schedule can be complex and produce a large number of potential solutions, even for a small network. Alternatively it may be difficult to create any viable solution, let alone an effective or efficient one. Therefore schedulers need a powerful tool that can cope with a wide range of variables and parameters.

Using advanced algorithms and AI, CrewPLAN is a leading automatic crew scheduling software which will produce a set of drivers’ duties for a network taking account of a wide range of user controlled parameters, allowing many variations in the labour agreement rules. With features to control elements such as route content within duties, and minimising undesirable duty types, it allows the creation of efficient schedules that are also practical in operation.

Linking with our scheduling (OmniBASE) and timetabling (OmniTIMES) solutions, CrewPLAN is not only the ideal tool for producing robust and efficient crew duty schedules for current operations, but is also essential for evaluating those ‘What if?’ questions. What if we changed the labour agreement? What if we moved the relief point? What if we combined all our services into one duty schedule? What would the duty cost of winning this tender be? These are all questions that can be evaluated in a matter of minutes with CrewPLAN, making it an essential planning tool for operators.

Powerful for all types of operation, CrewPLAN demonstrates versatility in scheduling rural operations, intensive urban services and light rail networks.

  • Multi level driving limit controls
  • Ability to handle complex mealbreak rules for different duty types
  • Suppression of undesirable duties
  • Route mixture specification within duties
  • Flexible objective (e.g. minimise number of duties or cost)
  • Efficient passenger travelling for drivers
  • Multiple-run feature to refine complex solutions
  • Flexible duty types
  • Clear on-screen comparison between labour agreements
  • Provision for interactive adjustment of crew schedules
  • Easy to use and fully integrated with the OmniBASE scheduling module
  • We achieved an impressive 8.5% reduction in paid driver hours overall, facilitating a substantial pay increase for our drivers. Moving from a system where each driver remains with the same bus all day to a model allowing changeovers has decreased our daily vehicle usage and reduced dead mileage. This adjustment ultimately saved the equivalent of two buses.
    Roland Eglinton
    Managing Director
  • CrewPLAN is more efficient in terms of finding the best answers quickly... and quite often it's option number one.
    Sam Greaves
    Commercial Manager
  • Omnibus has been key for developing a sustainable transport strategy which includes the Trams to Newhaven project. CrewPLAN will provide us with the level of control and accuracy we need to ensure optimised shift patterns. It offers tools for medium-term and long-term crew scheduling based on our organisation’s legal frameworks and guidelines. Read case study
    Sarah Singh
    Operations Manager
  • CrewPLAN enables us to build robust and workable crew schedules, which not only saves time and money but also provides a set of duties which are attractive to our team of drivers.
    Simon Daymond
  • To be able to run CrewPLAN on a schedule, and get a workable, efficient and reliable answer, all agreed with our Trade Union representatives in less than an hour, is absolutely fantastic.
    Mark Collins
    Head of Commercial
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